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Eddie Hudson and Nathan White founded Hudson White PLLC to serve the needs of small business clients with innovative and responsive approaches to the challenges of today’s business climate. They provide a variety of services in the areas of business formation, contracts, labor and employment issues, estate planning and trusts, working with non-profits and charitable associations, and Real Estate.

This summary serves as an introduction to the services we can provide your company. The lists are not inclusive of every service we provide. We also understand that your company may not require all that we have to offer. Once we have discussed what your company needs, we can tailor a practical solution that fits.

Our Value Proposition: Using HUDSON WHITE PLLC will save your company or firm money and you will gain quality legal service and advice. We have more predictable rates than other law firms. Our firm is also more cost-effective than hiring additional administrative staff and in-house lawyers.

Services Provided

Corporate Counsel

  • Assist in managing risk exposure
  • Define and develop corporate
    legal strategies, policies and procedures for the company
  • Structure corporate governance
  • Prepare and maintain corporate
    resolutions and minutes
  • Participate in the negotiation
    of company transactions, as needed
  • Prepare documentation for
    company transactions, as needed
  • Ensure that all legal records
    are properly drafted and kept in a safe place
  • Ensure that the legal affairs
    of the company are attended to in an effective and efficient manner

Scope of Representation-
Monthly Engagement

  • The scope of representation
    is akin to that of an in-house counsel.
  • Regular onsite visits
  • Routine advice on issues
    such as governmental licensing, corporate resolutions, etc.
  • Drafting minutes for meetings
    of the officers and directors to ensure the integrity of the corporation.
  • Assistance with drafting
    of agreements and contracts

Key Terms in the

  • Flat Monthly Fee
  • Terminated by either party
    with 30 days notice
  • Reviewed annually for price
    and services
  • If scope is exceeded, we
    are obligated to notify you before beginning work.

Key Benefits

1) Our firm
is willing and able to help your business in a
professional and courteous manner.

2) You will
have professionals with an in-depth familiarity of the operations and
legal challenges faced by your company. Once we learn more about
the operations and internal workings of the company, then we will be
better suited to assess and meet your needs.

3) A part time
in-house counsel provides assistance on smaller matters without incurring
a billable hour charge.

4) Relief from
the tension of whether or not to call a lawyer. In many instances,
if a company has a few legal issues, it will either put them on the
back burner or try and fix the problem internally. Having professionals
that you pay a monthly flat fee to address the legal problems that arise
during the course of operations, are more likely to take care of it
in a manner that is both professional and beneficial to the company
in the future.

General Corporate

  • Contract Review
  • License and Government
    Affairs Compliance
  • Resolution and Action Drafting
  • Non-competition, Non-solicitation,
    and Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Employment Agreements (Review
    and Drafting)
  • Subsidiary Formation and
  • Lease and Real Property

Litigation and
Risk Management

  • Review of Human Resource
  • Review of Business Procedures
  • Dispute and Litigation
  • Management of Outside Counsel
    on Litigation Matters

Record Keeping
and Document Automation

  • Due Diligence Review of
    Company and Company Records
  • Development of Corporate
    Record Keeping Policy
  • Maintenance of Corporate
  • Development of Content
    Management and Form Automation

Business Start

  • Incorporation Documentation
    (Bylaws, First Meeting Minutes)
  • Limited Liability Company
    (Operating Agreement and Articles of Formation)
  • Entity Selection
  • Review of Business Plan
  • Strategy Development

Our Team

Edward F. Hudson II

Nathan A. White

Laura Dykes Carl

Jennifer A. Latimer

Nelson Rosario

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