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The process of acquiring or selling a business involves a broad range of issues that require expertise and knowledge in various areas of law, such as contract law, business law, real estate law, securities law and more.  Our experienced business acquisition attorneys provide well-conceived legal counseling to business owners considering a stock or asset sale or purchase.  Our law firm provides creative and effective solutions in the form of business acquisition and divestiture strategies backed by solid execution.  We can prepare all of the documents you need to consummate your purchase or sale of a business, including but not limited to letters of intent, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, general partnership agreements, Articles of Incorporation, financing documents and more.

Our Detroit Metro based law firm offers a novel approach to clients with business acquisition needs, which serves as an alternative to full scale general counsel services or self-representation assisted by a document preparation service without the expertise and knowledge of an experienced business acquisition law firm.  While we can and do function as general counsel for businesses ranging from local Detroit Metro based businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we offer more customized representation for businesses with cost control concerns.

Our Michigan business acquisition law firm can be retained for “limited legal services.”  A limited legal service plan is an innovative concept for delivering legal services tailored to your specific situation.  We provide experienced business acquisition attorneys who can deliver sound legal counseling to guide you through the process of buying or selling business assets or stock.  During these legal counseling sessions, we can determine the specific documents you will need to conduct your transfer of stock or assets.  We can then provide expertly prepared and reviewed legal documents designed to avoid the confusion and ambiguity that can derail a business deal or pose problems once the business transaction has closed escrow.  Because we customize our legal services to meet your specific needs, we are able to provide cost-effective services with predictable fixed fees.

While our legal counsel and document preparation services are intended to make your business purchase or sale flow seamlessly from letter of intent to close of escrow, we have conducted many buy-sell transactions and anticipate unexpected problems that can threaten a business deal.  We can advise you on negotiations to resolve the issue or even on handling the matter in litigation if the dispute cannot be resolved.  There are many types of issues that can threaten your business acquisition, such as financing issues, non-compete terms, zoning compliance and other issues.  Our Michigan business law attorneys can provide legal advice that mitigates the risk of having these sorts of issues undermine your buying and selling of business assets or stock and help you diffuse situations once they arise.

Our experienced Michigan business acquisition attorneys provide accurate and effective legal advice on the issues involved in the acquisition of a business including management structure, organization form and other issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Corporate buyout issues
  • Proposing transition strategies
  • The purchase and sale of business assets
  • Legal advice and preparation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Development and implementation of mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal counseling on employee issues

At Hudson White PLLC, we provide legal counsel to mitigate the risk that might threaten our clients’ business acquisition or divestiture from the beginning of the transaction through the closing of escrow.  Our experienced business transaction attorneys can provide legal advice to guide you through the due diligence process and the structure of your business deal.  We also provide a wide range of attorney prepared documents for buying and selling of stocks and assets.  Hudson White PLLC provides a unique customized approach to your business acquisition issues.  We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan business acquisition attorneys so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the precise legal services that are right for you.

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