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Hudson White PLLC – Protecting Businesses from Disruption and Conflict During Family Transitions

Our knowledgeable Michigan business lawyers at Hudson White PLLC provide legal advice, document drafting, negotiation, review, and analysis of business succession plans and efficiently guide our clients in executing these transactions when the timing is appropriate.  A business succession plan must be carefully conceived and artfully executed to avoid business disputes that may harm personal or business interests upon the retirement or passing of the primary owner of a business.

Our law firm has many decades of combined experience providing legal counsel and representation to those with business or estate planning issues including business succession.  A successful business succession plan involves careful planning and decision making.  We understand that an effective business succession plan can be the key factor in the continued functioning of a business when a member, partner, or principle shareholder withdraws, retires, or dies.  Our Michigan business succession lawyers can schedule a consultation to discuss your intentions and plans for business succession as well as take steps to execute your business succession plan, including:

  • Handling commercial real estate issues
  • Developing family limited partnerships
  • Drafting, negotiation and review of business succession documents
  • Setting up family Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Drafting buy-sell agreements and cross-purchase agreements
  • Establishing family limited partnership

We know that the development of a successful business may be your life’s work so we help you ensure that it continues after you have left the business, as well as providing the basis for maximizing the return on your investment of effort and resources.  The existence of a business succession plan represents a commitment by you to the continued long-term growth and profitability of the business that instills confidence in your employees, customers, financial lenders, and material suppliers.

There are multiple stages to a successful business succession plan in Michigan.  The first phase involves carefully reviewing existing insurance policies, revising will and trust documents and reorganizing, the equity interest in the business.  The next phase in implementing a business succession plan involves preparing buy-sell agreements and analyzing and modifying employee compensation plans.  We often work with independent experts, including bankers, accountants and financial planners so that we can develop the most effective business succession plan for assisting our clients in obtaining their retirement objectives and goals.

Hudson White PLLC provides a unique customized approach to your business succession needs.  We offer legal consultation so that we can assess your needs, and then we have you submit information so that we can execute your business succession plan.  We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan business succession attorneys so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the scope of legal services that is right for you.  Whether you want full-scale general counsel legal services for your business or limited legal services, we can assist you in setting up a plan that fits your particular situation.

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