Michigan Estate Planning Attorneys

 Michigan Estate Planning Lawyers

Our Michigan estate planning attorneys recognize that developing an effective estate plan to ensure that your intentions are carried out for the transfer of your assets upon your death is something that most people put off for another day.  However, this decision to delay the drafting of estate planning documents as part of a comprehensive estate plan can become a costly and angst ridden mistake for you and your heirs.  Many people do not realize that an estate plan can do more than simply indicate your intentions for transfer of your assets upon your passing.  Effective estate planning can protect your assets from your creditors or the creditors of your heirs, minimize the tax liability of your estate, and ensure that special monetary planning mechanisms are implemented to protect children or other family members with special needs.

At Hudson White PLLC, we understand that the tendency to procrastinate or discomfort with mortality issues is not the only reason that people delay estate planning decisions.  Estate planning law firms often charge among the highest rates for legal fees.  During challenging economic times, it is hardly surprising that people defer their estate plans, but this can be a very risky decision if your estate is suddenly threatened by creditors, or you suffer from unanticipated injuries or illness that leave you unable to make medical or financial decisions.  An effective estate plan can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduce or eliminate state, inheritance, and estate tax burdens
  • Protect inheritance for heirs
  • Provide peace of mind regarding the future financial security of your family
  • Asset protection from creditors
  • Offering a mechanism for providing for your children’s college education with funds distributed over time (Spend Thrift Trusts)
  • Pre-empts court control of your assets and financial affairs in the event of mental or physical incapacity (Durable Power of Attorney)
  • Provide for and protect dependants with special needs (Special Needs Trust)
  • Creates comprehensive plan that coordinates disposition and transfer of your entire estate
  • Insure that your business is transferred without undue disruption or avoidable expenses (Business Succession)
  • Provide for the care and parenting of your children if both parents should die (Will)
  • Facilitates efficient and reduced cost transfer of assets to heirs (Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts)

Some people turn to so-called “document preparation services” or “paralegal offices” to save money.  It is important to understand that these types of businesses are often run by non-attorneys with no legal training who use templates that are not reviewed or analyzed by an attorney.  The equivalent would be to let an aspiring surgeon who has not attended medical school or obtained a medical license perform your surgical procedure.  This decision can lead to dire consequences that do not become apparent until your heirs discover that your trust has not been funded, or they experience unnecessary expense or delay in the transfer of your assets, which may create severe financial hardships for your surviving spouse, children and other heirs.  When your estate plan is prepared by a non-attorney, there is also a significant risk that the wrong estate planning instruments will be used or that the documents will not be properly drafted and executed so your intentions are not carried out upon your death.

At Hudson White PLLC, we offer an alternative to the expense of full service estate planning by a Michigan estate planning law firm and the risky proposition of trusting non-professionals with your legal estate planning needs.  We offer “limited legal services.”  This approach allows you to obtain high-quality legal documents supported by sound legal advice from an experienced estate planning attorney.  However, our services are limited to your precise needs so that you may benefit from enormous savings when compared to the cost of a traditional estate planning law firm.  Our Michigan estate planning attorneys provide consultations so that we can analyze your assets, debts and other relevant financial, business and/or family information and provide reliable advice regarding your specific estate planning needs.  We can then prepare effective estate planning instruments based on the information that you provide online.  A licensed Michigan estate planning attorney prepares our clients estate planning documents.

Because our attorneys have extensive experience developing effective estate plans and drafting estate planning documents, we provide a wide range of estate planning instruments and services including:

  • Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Trusts Packages
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Qualified Income Trust
  • Business Succession
  • Legal Advice on Contested Wills and Probate Matters

While our Michigan probate attorneys can advise you on negotiation and litigation matters related to contested will issues in probate, we work diligently to develop an estate plan that is designed to avoid the cost of the probate process, reduce tax burdens, minimize delay in the transfer of your assets, and ensure that your intentions are carried out with a minimal risk of litigation. At Hudson White PLLC, we understand the stress and grief that families endure when a loved one passes away.  Our experienced Michigan estate planning attorneys are committed to creating estate plans and documents that provide peace of mind that your intentions will be implemented with a minimum of expense and hassle for your grieving loved ones.  We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan probate attorneys or Michigan estate planning lawyers so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the precise legal services that are right for you.

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