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When planning a business entity to turn innovative concepts into marketable products and services, the business entity that you create to facilitate this transformation can substantially contribute to your success. Any entrepreneur understands that forming a business requires consideration of personal liability, tax consequences, management structure, decision-making and other factors that make your business efficient and profitable. The increasing competition in many industries by both foreign and domestic competitors makes the proper selection and formation of your business entity especially important.

At Hudson White PLLC, we understand that tough economic times mean that it is important to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible if your business is to thrive. This means reducing costs, including the financial expense associated with legal representation and litigation. Our Detroit Metro based law firm offers customized and limited legal representation to meet these economic realities. While we have many clients that look to our law firm to function as their general counsel in business transactions, negotiation of disputes, and to provide legal advice and counseling on litigation issues, other law firms take advantage of our “limited legal service” plans. Limited legal services involve unbundling the legal services we provide so that you pay only for what you use. We offer legal consultations, skilled document preparation, and coaching for clients involved in negotiations and litigation. Because you tailor your legal services to provide only what you need, we provide an efficient way to make your legal expenses both affordable and predictable.

When considering whether to incorporate or create an LLC, there are critical considerations that must be weighed given the unique purpose and structure of each type of business form. Before you contact the Michigan Department of Licensing And Regulatory Affairs Bureau, you should speak to an experienced business incorporation lawyer at Hudson White PLLC to avoid any mistakes that can derail your business.

Our experienced Michigan business formation lawyers are available for an online, email or telephone consultation to provide fast legal advice at a price that protects your bottom line. We can discuss your business objectives and potential regulatory, legal and tax issues as well as the advantages and disadvantages of business entities so that you select the business entity that is best suited given your concerns and objectives. Whether you choose a LLC or corporation, there are advantages offered by both business forms, including maximization of tax benefits, limitations on the scope of liability and marketing advantages based on the fact that most consumers will elect to conduct business with an LLC or corporation over a sole proprietorship.

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): Limited liability companies are distinct business entities that offer an alternative to partnerships and corporations. An LLC is effectively a hybrid entity that combines the pass through tax advantages of a partnership with the protection of limited personal liability provided by a corporation. LLCs offer substantial flexibility in terms of election of the structure of management and organization as well as the handling of tax liability while limiting personal liability to the contributions by members of the LLC.
  • Corporations: While an LLC may be a disregarded entity under the IRS Code, a corporation is an independent legal entity that may exist separate from its owners. While a corporation offers limited personal liability like an LLC, it offers advantages, including ease of acquiring capital through the sale of stock and ease of transfer of ownership. The corporate business entity also offers centralized management structure.

Our experienced Detroit Metro based LLC and Incorporation attorneys provide sound legal advice. We can skillfully draft your LLC or incorporation documents to prevent legal conflicts that often are created by business formation documents that are unclear or fail to provide guidance on key issues. Our Incorporation and LLC attorneys can artfully draft a wide range of legal documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, amendments to these documents, buy-sell agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements and other documents to meet virtually all of your LLC and Incorporation needs.

Hudson White PLLC provides a unique customized approach to planning and forming an LLC or Incorporation and offers knowledgeable legal counsel when issues occur. We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan LLC or Incorporation lawyers so that we can provide preliminary advice to help you determine the scope of legal services that is right for you. Whether you want full-scale general counsel legal services or limited legal services, we can assist you in setting up a plan that fits your particular situation.

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