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Hudson White PLLC – Providing the Documents to Control & Protect Your Proprietary Interests

At the Michigan intellectual property law firm of Hudson While PLLC, we recognize that intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property will typically be your most valuable business assets. In most cases, the intellectual property of your business provides the foundation upon which your company is built. We know that the cost of intellectual property legal services are substantial so many parties attempt to draft their own legal documents or go to a “paralegal” or “typing service” to have documents prepared that are designed to protect their most valuable business assets and proprietary interest from being misappropriated.

Our Detroit Metro based intellectual property law firm offers a middle ground between intellectual property law firms that require substantial upfront retainers along with high hourly rates and non-attorney services where you risk serious mistakes by non-experts with little or no legal training. We offer consultations with our experienced intellectual property attorneys so that we can advise you of your rights and options while developing an overall plan, including preparation of documents and strategies designed to safeguard your value intellectual property rights. Our innovative approach permits clients to obtain legal advice from an experienced IP attorney and submit information necessary for preparation of your documents related to copyright, patent and trademark issues. An experienced attorney will customize the document and artfully craft it so that it is effective enforceable and unambiguous.

The importance of well-prepared intellectual property documents can hardly be understated. We offer security of knowing that you are working with experienced intellectual property attorneys rather than untrained document preparers but at a fraction of the cost you might pay under a traditional retainer agreement with an IP firm. We are able to provide services at lower rates because you are paying for the precise documents you need under a “limited legal services” arrangement. Some of the types of documents we provide so that proprietary interests can be protected include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Patents: Our experienced intellectual property attorneys can provide an Agreement on Inventions and Patents that protects your company’s proprietary interest in new devices or improvement on existing devices prepared by your employees. This agreement can prevent litigation over the rights to a new invention that is developed by an employee while working for your business.
  • Copyrights: At Hudson White PLLC, we recognize that increased sophistication in information piracy has made copyright protection more important than ever. Technological improvements now make it possible for virtually anyone to duplicate your artistic or creative work thousands of times almost instantly. The epidemic of piracy makes it imperative that your copyright is properly perfected. We can provide legal advice about complex issues involving fair use, originality, authorship and applicability of copyright laws. We can provide effective legal documents to both apply for your copyright as well as documents that control its use after your copyright has been established for musical works and recording, computer software technology, audio and video recording, and literary material.
  • Trademark: Our law firm can prepare an Assignment of Trademark document that permits an owner of a trademark to assign trademark rights to another party.

Our intellectual property attorneys at Hudson White PLLC provide sound legal counsel so that you can properly protect your proprietary creative material and products while providing a cost-effective method to obtaining such protection. We also provide a wide range of attorney prepared documents for assignment of intellectual property rights. Hudson White PLLC provides a unique customized approach to your intellectual property issues. We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan intellectual property attorneys so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the precise legal services that are right for you.

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