What factors does a court consider in making a monetary award?

Michigan is a no fault state; meaning that, if you ask the County for divorce, you will have that request granted. You do not have to allege that your spouse has done anything wrong. You must however, allege that there has been a breakdown in the marriage.

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Question: What factors does a court consider in making a monetary

Answer: Here is a list of some of the factors:
(1) contributions, both monetary and non-monetary, of each party
to the well-being of the family

(2) the value of all property interests of each party

(3) economic circumstances of each party at time of award

(4) circumstances that contributed to estrangement of parties

(5) duration of marriage

(6) age of each party

(7) physical and mental condition of each party

(8) how and when specific assets acquired, and efforts expended by
each in accumulating marital property

(9) alimony award and use
and possession award

(10) nonmarital contribution to real property held as tenants by the

(11) any other factor deemed necessary or appropriate.

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