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Hudson White PLLC – Effective Legal Services to Facilitate Real Estate Transactions & On-site Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

At the Michigan real estate acquisition law firm of Hudson White PLLC, we provide a cost-effective efficient approach to assisting clients both foreign and domestic with their legal needs in real estate transactions. We provide sound legal counseling and effective documents to set up entities to manage your real estate transaction and to support any type of real estate project on behalf of investors both foreign and domestic. While we may offer broad general counsel services for all your real estate acquisition needs, we also provide the opportunity for clients to carefully tailor their legal services with the option to select “limited legal services” designed to your specific goals.  We also maintain an on-site full service real estate brokerage.

We have developed a particular niche for assisting foreign investors in setting up businesses to facilitate and manage real estate acquisitions. Our Detroit Metro based law firm offers an economical and efficient way to obtain legal advice and prepare the documents you need for your real estate acquisition needs including creating business entities to purchase, sell and manage residential and commercial real estate projects, including closings and escrows for foreign investors. We also handle other real estate matters, such as providing legal advice and drafting legal documents for real estate agents and brokers in the Detroit-Metro vicinity and surrounding areas of Michigan.

Our knowledgeable experienced attorneys are available to counsel you regarding the full range of real estate acquisition issues and in handling acquisition negotiations, or litigation. The unique design of our Michigan real estate acquisition law firm leverages cutting edge technology so that we can set up the business entities necessary to conclude our clients’ real estate transactions and disputes. We provide legal advice, negotiation, customized legal documents, and litigation support to our clients.

Our Michigan real estate acquisition lawyers provides the full spectrum of legal services to facilitate your purchase of commercial real estate or other real estate investment, including providing legal counsel when analyzing potential legal obstacles to your transaction like zoning problems as well as negotiating the terms of your purchase of commercial real estate through the escrow and closing process. Our efficient system of document preparation permits us to combine the information you provide during your consultation with one of our attorneys and the questionnaires that you complete to draft all documents that you will need to set up business entities to handle your real estate acquisitions.

We provide effective legal representation to many foreign investors in setting up limited liability companies, corporations and other business entities to manage their real estate transactions. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys can analyze your situation to assist you in forming the proper business entity to manage all of your real estate acquisition needs based on ownership form, management structure and allocation of decision-making structure among the participants in your real estate acquisitions.

Our Michigan based law firm focuses on providing unambiguous legal documents that clearly define the legal rights and obligations of all investors. Despite these efforts, sometimes partners or those with other equity interest will reach an impasse when disagreements arise. We coach our clients through negotiating a resolution to potential litigation issues, including eminent domain and disputes arising out of specific transactions. If litigation becomes inevitable, our attorneys are available to provide legal advice on developing an effective legal strategy for self-represented parties.

Our legal team can assist you in setting up business entities that provide effective coordination and management of real estate acquisitions for many types of commercial projects and real estate investments from large investments in commercial office building to smaller investments in apartment complexes.

Hudson White PLLC provides a unique customized approach to your real estate acquisition needs. We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan real estate acquisition attorneys so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the scope of legal services that is right for you. Whether you want full-scale general counsel legal services for your business or limited legal services, we can assist you in setting up a plan that fits your particular situation.

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