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Our Michigan real estate law attorneys at Hudson White, PLLC provide legal advice and real estate documents to consumers at reasonable rates based on our innovative approach to offering affordable legal services.  Our unique and revolutionary approach to delivering high quality legal services at fixed affordable rates is based on the concept of offering “limited legal services.”  Our clients choose the real estate documents that they need for their transaction, which our attorneys customize for our clients’ needs based on the information supplied by clients during consultations and/or questionnaires submitted by our clients.  We also provide legal advice on negotiation or litigation strategies, applicable law, and other information to coach you through your real estate disputes.

We are equipped to provide legal services dealing with a broad spectrum of real estate law matters in the Detroit Metro area and throughout Michigan, such as the following:

  • On-site full service real estate brokerage
  • Formation of investment entities for foreign investors to acquire and manage real estate
  • Title and closings
  • Foreign securities issues
  • Land Use development
  • Representing local real estate brokers and agents
  • International real estate issues
  • Legal advice and counseling on real estate litigation
  • Eminent domain issues

We are uniquely situated to assist foreign investors in establishing business entities for the purpose of acquiring commercial real estate investment projects as well as large private real estate investments.  Because are Michigan real estate law firm is focused on using technology to deliver high quality legal services at a cost-effective rate, we can offer legal counsel and real estate document drafting to foreign investors in a wide range of real estate investments.   We also provide extensive business formation services so we can evaluate your situation and advise you whether a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other business entity will provide the best mix of protection from liability, structure for management and operations, and tax benefits.

The experienced and dedicated Michigan real estate law attorneys at Hudson White LLC are available to provide sound legal advice on a broad range of real estate law issues.  They can provide legal advice that helps you avoid potential issues, like zoning limitations or other land use restrictions and draft effective real estate documents that protect your real estate transaction from the misunderstandings that can result in conflict and the breakdown of your real estate deal.  When disputes do arise, our experienced Michigan real estate lawyers can you provide legal advice and guidance to assist you in successfully negotiating a resolution to your real estate dispute.  When negotiation fails, we can even provide legal information and litigation support to assist you in the process of self-representation.

The law firm of Hudson White PLLC offers a unique approach to satisfying your real estate legal needs.  We invite you to speak with one of our experienced Michigan real estate lawyers so that we can provide preliminary advice and help you determine the scope of legal services that is right for you.  Whether you want full-scale general counsel legal services for your real estate legal issues or limited legal services, we can assist you in setting up a plan that fits your particular situation.

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