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Attorney Review of Real Estate Transactions

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Buying and selling real estate is one of the most important and potentially rewarding situations but also one of the most complicated decisions that one can enter into; usually with significant financial implications. In any real estate deal, both Buyer and Seller must review multiple complex documents, including legally binding papers, requiring signatures. Who is explaining your responsibilities as you sign these legal documents? Who’s looking out for your best interest?

We hear frequently from Buyers and Sellers that the one factor missing in their transaction is the peace of mind of understanding the responsibilities and ramifications of their real estate deal. Many feel that no one adequately advised them.

Real estate sales professionals can provide sales services but it is against the law for them to provide legal advice. While they are proficient in their field of sales, they are not equipped to guide in the particularities of contract law (nor should they…). Like any sales profession they are motivated by a commission. The same can be said about any non-attorneys in the transaction (lenders, inspectors, etc.). While they may be well versed in their field, they cannot render legal advice. Remember your legal responsibilities are not their concern.

When spending thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, a few hundred dollars for review of your purchase agreement or better yet, drafting your purchase agreement, would be some of the best money you have spent within that transaction.

Contact us for this valuable service and Happy House Hunting!

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